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What is IMTA?

IMTA History


We understand you are excited and probably have many questions! We compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Feel free to click on any question below to show the answer!

What is IMTA?


How long has IMTA been in existence?


Can anyone attend IMTA?


What ages attend an IMTA convention?


Why are there age and height limits for contestants who want to compete as models?


How does IMTA work?


What are the competitions at IMTA?


Can a contestant do both modeling and acting?


What scouts or agents come to IMTA?


Does every contestant get a callback with an agent, manager or casting director?


Does IMTA guarantee a contestant will get signed with an agent or manager, get a job or become a supermodel or star?


IMTA has been described as an “Educational Experience.” What training is available at IMTA?


What else can a person learn by attending an IMTA convention?


What does it cost to attend IMTA?


Given today’s economy, how do you justify attending an IMTA convention?


I’ve heard IMTA is a scam. How do I know it is legit?


Besides signing with an agent or manager, how else does attending IMTA benefit someone?


Who are previous attendees who have begun their careers through IMTA?